Our Aims

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  1. To promote the interest of school libraries and media resources centers in Nigeria.
  2. To encourage legislation on the establishment and Provision of school libraries/media resource centres.
  3. To serve as a watch dog for government policy on school libraries/media resource centres.
  4. To provide a forum for persons interested in school libraries/media resource centers to meetand deliberate on libraries and resource centres in schools and teacher training colleges.
  5. To promote the effective use of libraries/media resources centres.
  6. To stimulate and promote the effective use of libraries/ media resource centres.
  7. To encourage the training and certification of school libraries/media resource centres.
  8. To encourage the writing of suitable books and the production of appropriate resource materials for Nigerian
  9. School libraries/media resource centres.
  10. To cooperate and affiliate with other national organizations whose aims are relevant to that of the Association.